Terms and Conditions

Webmaster Content License Agreement

This is a website license agreement between Xtreme Entertainment LLC DBA TMF Productions; VirtualBabes of Indy; and Studio Fetish; to be know throughout the rest of this agreement as "The Seller" and ____________________________________________________________ to be known throughout the rest of this contract as "The Purchaser".

With The Seller located at 2132 Clay Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205 and the phone number of 317-549-3998 and the email address of models@virtualbabes.net.

All content within this contract has been and is (C) Copyrighted by Xtreme Entertainment LLC All Rights Reserved. Xtreme Entertainment LLC will only grant use of this content on the Internet for electronic usage only as defined below. Xtreme Entertainment LLC maintains the copyright and will not transfer any rights within this contract. Xtreme Entertainment LLC maintains ownership of all content on this CD-Rom(s) and/or FTP download.

Age and laws:
Xtreme Entertainment LLC will warrant and guarantee that all involved with this production is over 18 years old and given proper consent and proof of age to be involved with this production outlined by laws of The US of A and its bill of rights. Xtreme Entertainment LLC will maintain such proof of age and consent. Proof of age and consent will be disclosed if warranted by a federal court to protect those involved within this contract. Any and all said proof will remain owned by Xtreme Entertainment LLC within this contract. Each product covered by this license comes with the following information for the webmasters personal records: Title 18 text file with our record keeping information in it; a blacked out copy of each models signed model release form; a blacked out copy of each models photo identification proving age over 18; this webmaster license agreement form.

Xtreme Entertainment LLC grants the above named person to have rights to use this content on a Web Site owned by the above person only. The above person agrees not to allow this content to be used in any other way, shape or form without written consent by Xtreme Entertainment LLC. The above named may not send this content in any other way except by "Still Imaging" & "Streamed Format" only. The above named shall not use this content in a turnkey or plug-in solution for any reason, such use will violate this contract and the above named person will have 24 hours to remove all content on this CD-Rom/FTP download from their website(s) for good.

Editing Still Images:
Still images/clips provided as content on this CD-Rom and/or FTP download may be edited in the following formats: size changes, color corrections, and text applied. Said still images may be used for advertisement in UUPC news groups; but no more then 5 images from each set (DO NOT POST FULL SETS). In the event that our images are being used by sites without permission due to overexposure from newsgroups, we reserve the right to ask you to stop posting them to the newsgroups and you must comply with this request immediately. Said still images/clips may be used on the above named person's Web Site(s) only! The said above person(s) must email Xtreme Entertainment LLC with "EVERY" website address they use these said images/clips on within 24 hours of posting, or said above person will be in contract violation and will be forced to remove all said images/clips from their website(s) within 24 hours for good.

Changing file format:
The above named may only change the format to be compatible to be used on a Web Site as streamed format. This may include current means as defined by formats of today's date. Such formats may include AVI, MOV, MPG, VIVO STREAMS, REAL VIDEO STREAMS, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PSD, Etc. During format changes the above named may not change the source code or the contents and or extract frames or clips unless written consent of Xtreme Entertainment LLC is provided.

Source code:
At no time will the above named de-compile, strip, alter, use in another production, copy, distribute in other media's, sell, lease, rent, and or any other form of (C) Copyright violation.

No more then 10 of the still images on this CD-Rom and/or FTP download may be used as banner content.

Stock art work:
At no time will any content of this CD-Rom and/or FTP download be used as "Stock Art Work" without prior written permission is granted by Xtreme Entertainment LLC.

Transfer of this license:
This contract and agreement can be transferred or sold to another person only with written permission from Xtreme Entertainment LLC. Doing so without written permission first will violate our agreement and the above named will be in violation of this contract and will be requested to remove all material from this CD-Rom and/or FTP download from their site within 24 hours.

3rd party sales:
At no time may the above person sell, lease and or give away the content of this CD-Rom and/or FTP download for any reason other then use on the above named persons Web Site.

You may not at any time allow another website to host any of the media purchased under this title. This means you may not loan, give, trade or allow others to hotlink to any images licensed to you or your domain.

Gains of income or Rental:
Xtreme Entertainment LLC grants the above named person to use the content within this CD-Rom and/or FTP download for Web Site use. This can include membership access fees paid to the above named person.

Access to minors:
The above named person will agree to make sure that any and all who access this content are of legal age as defined by law. The above named person agrees to hold Xtreme Entertainment LLC harmless in such case that a minor gains access to the content of this CD-Rom and/or FTP download. The above named person agrees they will not use any hardcore or insertion content from this CD-Rom and/or FTP download on a website that allows free access to this material. If said images above are found to be accessible for free to the public and not protected by an age verification system of some type; the above named person will be required to remove all images/clips within 24 hours for good.

Domains and URL's:
The above named person agrees to notify Xtreme Entertainment LLC of any and all domain names where the content of this CD-Rom and/or FTP download is used within 24 hours of posting said images/clips. Please make sure you attach a list of “ALL” of the domain names this content will be used on when returning this license agreement.

This contract will only be active upon full payment paid to Xtreme Entertainment LLC in Cash, Check (only when cleared), Money order, wire transfer, PayPal or credit card. Terms of this contract are unlimited in time unless a violation occurs by the above named person.

Print/News Use:
This content may not be used for news articles, magazine/newspaper print without first gaining written consent from Xtreme Entertainment LLC. Any violation of this will result in your license being revoked and given 24 hours to remove all said images sold to you.

Legal Documents (Title 18 2257 Information):
We include scanned copies of blacked out model releases and photo id’s for your personal record keeping information; you are “NOT” allowed to use or post a models real name on any website, document, etc that may bring or cause harm to any of the models contained in this CD-Rom and/or FTP download. You may “NOT” post actual copies of the scanned documents anywhere on the internet or share them with anyone who is not listed on this license agreement; if your caught posting copies of the documents anywhere you will have breeched this contract and will be required to remove all the images/clips from your site(s) immediately and you may be subject prosecution by law for endangering a model. These models work hard to bring you the content that helps make you money; respect their rights to privacy and ensure that no model is brought harm due to your negligent behavior.

Contract Violation:
Any violation of this contract will result in removal of license agreement for use by the above named person. Income gained by this contract will not be refunded! The above named person will have 24 hours to remove all content of this CD-Rom and/or FTP download from any and all known Web Sites and or any other media this content has been used for. Any illegal or unauthorized income gained by the above named person will be turned over to Xtreme Entertainment LLC immediately. This would include any expenses occurred to Xtreme Entertainment LLC must be refunded as set by the laws of the US of A.

Legal Action:
Any legal action due to violation of this contract and or (C) Copyright violations will result in financial cost, fines, jail/prison sentence, court cost, and misc. expenses will be the sole responsibility of the above named person as set by the laws of the US of A.

Final Agreement:
I ____________________________________________________________ am of legal age to gain adult content and I am not a member of any law enforcement group or agency using this as an agenda of entrapment. I further state that I am lawfully able to gain adult material with my current location and the laws herein my area including postal laws of my area. I further agree to the terms of this contract with full mind and reason. I understand that I will never post any models real names or copies of their documents anywhere that will bring harm or endanger the model. I understand that this contract will only be active upon both my signature and the signature of Xtreme Entertainment LLC followed by today's date.